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- ESRC funded project (Innovative Health Technologies Programme) in partnership with ab12

The focus of this study will be on how the experience and management of chronic childhood illnesses are being restructured by a range of socio-technical innovations in the provision and accessibility of health related information, advice and support. In particular we will examine how both parents/guardians and children experience and manage three chronic illnesses - eczema, asthma and diabetes - within the context of a hugely expanded and increasingly global array of competing sources of health information, advice and support. The study will also be set within the context of debates which suggest that exclusion from the new ICTs will exacerbate existing patterns of inequality (Loader, 1998): that is, ceteris paribus, the ‘information rich’ will tend to experience better health outcomes than will the ‘information poor’.


Working on this presumption the governments NHS National Plan advocates the need to provide more ‘information to empower patients’ and states that: ‘The “Expert Patient” Programme will be extended. [NICE] will publish patient-friendly versions of all its clinical guidelines. Patients will be helped to navigate the maze of health information through the development of NHS Direct online, Digital TV and NHS Direct information points in key public places’. The data derived from this study will inform a critical analysis of this view. It is an empirical question whether the ability to access, interpret and act upon new forms of information really does make a qualitative difference to the experience and management of illness in a world where , or so it is claimed ‘the very speed and ephemerality of information leave almost no time for reflection’

- Image manipulation - Video editing - Music and sound production - Website development - CD-ROM authoring - Web publishing 2013

New Projects

- Undertake outreach work with communities and
businesses, supporting entrepreneurial skills
development amongst voluntary and community

- Promote the use of IT as a means of communication
between social enterprises on a regional basis to
strengthen and sustain self-help practices and to
deliver mentoring services.

- Through the use of IT, create local, national and
international partnerships and support mechanisms for
social enterprise development.

- Assist social enterprises in the use of multi-media
techniques as a marketing tool.

- Encourage the participation of graduate and
post-graduates in social enterprise activity

- Assist social enterprises to attract funding and provide
help in establishing business systems and facilitating




Building upon the work of the TVCO project, we aims to encourage and facilitate community creativity and learning through technology. Its key focus is to support disadvantaged people and communities to explore and learn about content creation and media production/delivery aspects of ICTs.

The project will operate across an existing network of community ICT centres in the Tees Valley where basic ICT training provision is already established. e-create encompasses a wide range of creative activities and projects aimed at capturing peoples' imagination and interests. It seeks both to further develop the basic skills of those familiar with technology and to engage people who have not yet participated in ICT learning.