These connections enable the plants to share information with each other via internal channels. They are therefore very similar to computer networks. But what do plants want to chat to each other about?

PROJECT COMMUNICATION - A Key Prerequisite of Getting the Right Things Done in the Right Way (free Business e-Coach)

When looking at various forms of communication in the modern world, it is often easy to forget the humble landline phone. Yet along with email it is still the main form of communication for many businesses based in offices, and the type of number you have says a lot about your business, and can make a difference to your profits.

Take a look at for the range of numbers that are available, including 0844 numbers, which are revenue sharing numbers, whereby the caller pays slightly more to make the call, and you receive money back on every call received.  

- Image manipulation - Video editing - Music and sound production - Website development - CD-ROM authoring - Web publishing 2013

New Projects

- Undertake outreach work with communities and
businesses, supporting entrepreneurial skills
development amongst voluntary and community

- Promote the use of IT as a means of communication
between social enterprises on a regional basis to
strengthen and sustain self-help practices and to
deliver mentoring services.

- Through the use of IT, create local, national and
international partnerships and support mechanisms for
social enterprise development.

- Assist social enterprises in the use of multi-media
techniques as a marketing tool.

- Encourage the participation of graduate and
post-graduates in social enterprise activity

- Assist social enterprises to attract funding and provide
help in establishing business systems and facilitating




Building upon the work of the TVCO project, we aims to encourage and facilitate community creativity and learning through technology. Its key focus is to support disadvantaged people and communities to explore and learn about content creation and media production/delivery aspects of ICTs.

The project will operate across an existing network of community ICT centres in the Tees Valley where basic ICT training provision is already established. e-create encompasses a wide range of creative activities and projects aimed at capturing peoples' imagination and interests. It seeks both to further develop the basic skills of those familiar with technology and to engage people who have not yet participated in ICT learning.